You know that moment, the one right after he asked you out on the first date and you were so excited you could tell the whole world about it? That moment before he kissed you for the first time when your anticipation was making you so nervous you were almost sick? That moment when he got down on one knee and screwed up his whole speech because he was terrified and excited and he could hardly ask you to be his wife without dropping the ring? That moment you become husband and wife? That moment you find out you're expecting your first child and then holding that child in your arms for the first time? All of those little moments make your story the most amazing story there is and I cannot wait to hear all about it! From day one to "I do", your love story is unlike any other. I love getting to capture the stories that are the beginning of forever and the steps along the way. I cannot wait to meet you and hear your story! 


once-in-a-lifetime love

I'M Beth! Wife, MOM, PHOTOGRAPHER,  AND Chocolate Enthusiast

Hey, you!

Welcome to the craziness that I am lucky enough to call my own little slice of heaven here in Oklahoma City! This picture about sums my life up perfectly- a country husband who loves me through it all, a doting daughter who has eyes only for her daddy, a sweet baby who is just chill and loves his shoes, a strong-willed son who does his own thing, me smiling through the mess and we do it all while standing in a field of tall grass in our boots and jeans or dresses and heels with an endless supply of fruit snacks that get us through the day! Okay, okay- usually we are at home being loud and crazy, laughing through the crazy and in ball caps and jeans, not heels and dresses (although I do love a good pair of heels and a pretty dress every now and then)! 

As for me, I am a lover of all things mountains, sweet romance novels (especially the historical kind), Wednesday night family pizza and movie nights, and all things European chocolate, homemade lemonade (flavored or not), burgers and fries, Target, and Chick-fil-a.

Life for this momma is an adventure and I wouldn't have it any other way. I cannot wait to meet you in person and have some fun with you during the beginning of YOUR crazy, beautiful forever!